As I wait for new supplies to arrive, and found myself a bit distracted by knitting projects, I only had about 10 hours in the studo this week, but I continued my work on these little 4x4 studies on Yupo paper using acrylic paints, book pages, stamps, graphite, and also this little set of Caran d'ache crayons (a gift from my sweet arts-minded Aunt to my father). Keeping with my subject matter of images from Beverly Beach State Park, I also painted this little 6x6 seascape, exploring the softer color palette I want to use in this series. The ocean is always such a soothing, awe-inspiring place for me, and it's fun to remember looking out from the same spot more than 40 years ago feeling the power of the crashing waves and the tug of the tides.

I hope to have much more to share with you next week as I recive my new oil painting supplies, some larger substrates, and break out my mini printing press again in the process. I should have some little new surprises in the mix too! 

Have a great weekend and I hope you find new (or re-kindle old) creative inspirations of your own!

~ Jennifer