The passing of the solstice and the promise of a new year always helps me to reflect on where my art has been and where it will go next. I often have too many threads to follow as ideas and inspirations outpace my actual ability to make new work, but I like to use this time of year to see how they can (or not) all work together and provide focus for the coming year. As I quizzed my family on their thoughts, and I reviewed my notes and journals from prior years, I happily found much more harmony than I anticipated. And while I have a few disparate ideas I wish to pursue, I find that it's my process that will knit all these little threads together as I go forward. I'm looking forward to sharing my art with you in the new year as I work to phyisically construct the path forward.

DAY 1 in my studio for 2020 (pictured)

I have broken my ideas into many smaller pieces which I'm hoping will keep me focused with more studio time this year. Today's task: Work on small 4x4 studies from a trip I took to Beverly Beach a couple years ago (a childhood favorite camping spot) - the last vacation I had with my Dad before his passing over the summer. With this task I wanted to continue the textural notes of my work using a new hand carved stamp (based on the salal plant) and a new stencil to be used when I move to tomorrow's monotyping task. I hope to complete more studies to prepare for larger work this year. Finished studies will be available in my online store under the "Original Studies" tab, along with the studies I painted last year based on my European adventures.

I also hope to share more of my favorite things this year - one of which you can see in the corner of this photo - my favorite acrylic paint palette (I've used this same palette for 15 years). It's an enameled butcher's tray (typically used for watercolors, but I find it works great for acrylic). I let the acrylic paint build up on the bottom of the tray until I'm ready to peel it off and start fresh again. If you're super creative, I'm sure you can find a use for all the brightly colored paint chips/swatches you peel off!

I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming year and I hope you are inspired to get out your favorite project/materials and start making too - I always tell people the biggest hurdle tocreating is  simply getting out those supplies!